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Probable Move to WordPress

Both Blogger and LiveJournal are unwieldy to post to from my iPhone, worse with posting pictures, and neither offer mobile views or offer a mobile posting app that dosen’t use text-messaging. Therefore, I’m giving WordPress a try.

That said, on with the post that started this odyssey:

I’m very good at killing house plants, especially at home. But I do have one little succulent at work that’s surviving. It’s been in need of more space for an emberassingly long while, but I finally took care of that this morning.

Although I couldn’t find a pot I liked in stores, it turned out we had a perfectly servicable one at home. We were out of cactus/succulent potting mix (Robin has several,although IIRC the ridiculously-tall Lithops died), so I faked it with sand, mushroom compost, and top-dressing gravel. I even gave it a good layer of top dressing with said gravel.

(good, copy & paste work, now how about posting pictures…cool! Would probably have been even simpler if I’d read directions!)

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